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Key features of Office Tool Plus

Office Tool Plus based on Office Deployment Tool (ODT), you can deploy Office very easily.

Support for Win 7 and 10

Office Tool Plus can run in Windows 7 (with Net Framework 4.6) and Win 10, Office Tool Plus can auto update.

Powerful Customization

Office Tool Plus support all features of Office Deployment Tool. With Office Tool Plus, you can deploy Office easily.

Rich Features

Office Tool Plus support manage and activate Office. With Office Tool Plus, you can configure your Office easily.

Generate Config

You can create XML profile with Office Tool Plus and use it to deploy Office on other computers.

Always up to date

Office Tool Plus get Office from Microsoft, make sure you can deploy the latest version of Office.

Fast & Easy, deploy Office in just two steps.


Config and Deploy Office

Office Tool Plus support multiple edition of Office such as Office 365, 2019 or Visio, and you can configure more options for deploy.


Activate your Office

If you can't activate Office normally, you can use Office Tool Plus to install keys, get IID or set KMS to activate Office.

Why choosing Office Tool Plus?


All components of Office Tool Plus are sourced from Microsoft and the GitHub open source code repository.


Office Tool Plus is a completely free tool, no ads.

We are committed to providing our users with the best Office tool.


Office Tool Plus has the best UI operations.

Downloading, installing, activating, and managing Office is really simple.

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