Office Tool Plus Changelog


  1. Components upgrade.
  2. Translation update.

Document converter

  1. Fixed an issue that can not convert PowerPoint presentation to video format.



Convert documents


  1. The shortcut key of opening command box changed from Ctrl + P to Ctrl + Shift + P
  2. Added tooltip for navigation bar items.
  3. Fixed an issue that some languages could not be loaded.
  4. Other bug fixes and performance improvement.

Since Ctrl + P conflicts with the Print command, we had to change the shortcut to open the command box.


  1. When the user-defined version number does not match the retrieved version number, closing the window can cancel the download.
  2. Application preferences now show loading progress.
  3. Optimized MAK settings.
  4. Fixed an issue where the Office version was incorrectly obtained in some cases.


  1. Licenses support searching and filtering by list. #527
  2. Support for reloading Office information via F5 and Ctrl + R.
  3. Support for displaying activation information via Ctrl + D.
  4. Support for clearing operation result via Ctrl + E.
  5. Support for opening licenses list via Ctrl + Alt + P.


  1. Fixed an issue that when deleting the default template, an error was occurred because the file did not exist.


Fore more information about Office Tool Plus.Console please visit help doc.


Document converter








About page


Update .NET Desktop Runtime to 6.0.5. To fix the issue of tooltip, please make sure you have the latest version of .NET Desktop Runtime installed.


  1. Fixed an issue that Office Deployment Tool did not work due to a space in the user name.
  2. Fixed an issue that animation failed due to NaN value.
  3. Fixed an issue that avatar can not load and cause application to crash.
  4. Translation update.


Note: This update required .NET 6 Desktop Runtime x86 installed.

  1. Support to migrate architecture using Office Tool Plus as installation module.
  2. Support to apply preferences for Office applications using Office Tool Plus as installation module.
  3. Support to set options when restore Office settings to default.
  4. Updated Markdown component to support more formats.
  5. Reduce the download information refresh frequency. Solve the slow download of Office Tool Plus engine under high CPU usage.
  6. Support to import XML config using in-application command.
  7. Support to match the most appropriate language (such as fallback es-mx to es-es).
  8. Support double-click the icon to close the window.
  9. Fixed an issue that can not drag scroll bar by touching.
  10. Fixed an issue that can not read the preferences in some cases.
  11. Fixed an issue that the installation still starts unexpectedly when the user clicks to cancel the download.
  12. Fixed the problem that the download progress information would overflow when the window was too small.
  13. Fixed a possible crash when canceling a download.


  1. Support to fix WMI component (Toolbox).
  2. Lync and Groove applications now unchecked by default.
  3. One-click installation will now try to match the OS language.
  4. Fixed an issue where can not switch language from Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) to Traditional Chinese (Taiwan).
  5. Fixed an error when importing a configuration file containing application preferences.
  6. Fixed an issue that /setImage command and /getBWP command do not work properly.
  7. Fixed an issue that could accidentally delete other files when deleting Office installation files.
  8. Optimize the KMS history query function.


  1. Office Tool Plus-created Office ISO support to install Office directly (in the context menu of CD-ROM).
  2. Language and theme settings now matches the system by default.
  3. Fixed an issue that the download operation would be triggered automatically in ISO mode.
  4. Fixed an issue where user avatars could not be load on Windows Server 2019 and Windows 7.
  5. Fixed an issue that the channel was incorrect when installing the retail edition of Office with one-click installation.
  6. Fixed an issue about misaligned icons in high DPI (165% scaling). #371
  7. Accessibility improvements. #376
  8. Removed the outdated official uninstall tool.
  9. Update preferences data, support to read more types of preference. Finished what Microsoft hasn't finished yet.
  10. Other issues fixed.


  1. Support to download Office automatic when creating Office ISO, "Install after download" have changed to "Download first, then deploy".
  2. Support to load Microsoft account picture.
  3. When downloading Office, if a different version of Office was found, you can choose which version of Office to download.
  4. Fixed an issue when downloading updates, the progress always show 0%.
  5. Fixed an issue that Ctrl + Shift + D executed incorrectly.
  6. Optimize culture compatibility.

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